Makers of Excellent Oral Care

From the meticulously selected ingredients and refined flavours to the stylish design, Acaya’s oral care solutions transform something mundane into a refreshingly pleasurable & functional brushing experience to revive a tired mouth anytime.

Acaya co-founders

Acaya was founded by three pharmacists, bestfriends, and innovators who were locked at home during the pandemic like the rest of the world, forced to repeat simple routines day-in, day-out. Like brushing teeth.

Until passion & boredom bred an idea.

Oral care products seem to always be on one end of the spectrum. They either do the job with a lack of flavour & finesse, or they could pass for cosmetic products with no avail. Some even contain ingredients with controversial long-term safety concerns.

So how do you choose?

What if our counters were full of products that did it all?

The question sparked a journey—one that bore fruit (or pastes, we suppose).

We made oral care products that leave behind a scent as good as perfume, protect your oral health with a refined blend of scientifically-proven ingredients, & sit more boldly on your counter than anything else.

No parabens. No SLS. No toxic chemicals.

Only a refreshing mix of natural ingredients where possible, and the science of dentistry where necessary.

That’s the Acaya way. That’s
The Art of Oral Care, refined.